INGRID (Brazil)

She is facing a large blank sheet of paper at a Creative Mornings breakfast in Malmö. Black shirt, black jeans, black boots and short brown hair is all the audience sees of her, meant to focus the audience on what she is creating. As the keynote speaker begin to talk Ingrid puts marker to paper and translate the words into visuals in real time. Half an hour later the words we may no longer remember are now pictures on a paper, a memorial of the talk. She has just completed a graphic recording for “Simply Draw It Big”.   

Days later we sit at her kitchen table in a sub-let a few stone throws from Malmö Stadium. With that circle over the a in Skåre most might think she is Swedish, but that is only half the truth. Ingrid has a Swedish father who himself was born in Brazil and partially raised in Sweden. She was born in Brazil and first set foot in Malmö, about two years ago. Arriving with her life in a suitcase she was ready to stay for a while. She calls Malmö the least Swedish of Swedish cities and is very happy being just here where there are openness and creativity. The very mixed population also makes it easier to get away with speaking English as her Swedish vocabulary and comfort level is not yet big enough.  

Perhaps the silver lining is that as an Illustrator she communicates in visuals rather than text.  Yet she sometimes have to counter the misconception that illustrations “that’s for kids” and attach a few samples of her work from Newspapers, Magazines and books in her pitches. Much of her work is to illustrate academic literature and textbooks by “taking concepts out of a piece and turn them into visual and attractive representations of those concepts”. 

“I can make up stuff, I can create it out of my computer” 

She works mainly digitally using a tablet the size of her laptop but try to mix it with brush stokes, ink and pen. The tools and style vary with client briefs and target group whether it is for kids, young adult, moody or...  to convey sometimes soft and abstract concepts into visuals. 

Like for every creative mind there never seem to be enough time in the day to do all that she wants. The struggle between her brain halves has resulted in notes and memos for important things like client meetings pitches and annual goals stuck to her desk. If a new idea suddenly pops it is saved for a non-commissioned portfolio piece when time permits.

She loves to read and talk about books and hope that  one day her ”deep love for literature” (and persistent pitches) will land her a dream assignment as cover artist for Penguin books.  It is “not just to bring people into the piece but also to help them to understand what it is about”. She might just prove that we can judge a book by it’s cover.  

Visit her website IngridSkare  

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