Bus got gas


As I was gleaning out my window around LUNCH TIMe last Tuesday I saw a plume of black smoke raise over Västra Hamnen. 


Grabbed my camera bag and set of in search of the source. At the end of Västra Varvsgatan and Riggaregatan I found it in the form of a gas-driven bus engulfed in bright orange flames. As the valves of the roof top gas cylinders blew, with a hissing sound, flames shot out as if spat by a dragon (and I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones). The seating and other interior was literally going up in thick black acrid smoke covering several apartment blocks. Right by the door of the bus I spotted something on the ground and for a moment thought it was the legs of a person. Luckily that was not the case I later found as I talked to the driver who had been alone onboard the bus when the accident struck. He had spotted smoke in the rear view mirror which quickly turned into flames and he hurriedly left the bus. When he called into his employer’s office it was suggested that he try to put out the fire with the tiny fire extinguisher available by the driver’s seat. It would have been a futile, pointless and suicidal exercise. The first of at least three fire trucks arrived as I did. One crew started to hose the bus down to quell the flames  but due to the explosion hazard the safest was to just let the bus burn out as the fire did not directly threaten to spread elsewhere. Bystanders were moved back as well due to the potential explosion hazard. One man got into a small squabble with the Police as he stood closest to the fire recording the whole event with his mobile phone.   

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